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However, my focus is on the bigger issue: What's fair, what's right, that we set rules and laws and regulations and they ought to be followed. " " is much better than taxis which are old cop cars painted yellow and driven by dirty people who barely speak English and take forever to come pick people up when ordering a ride and then get lost on purpose to increase the fare. " " exemplary service is clearly superior to the dirty, filthy taxis that show up at my home with foreign drivers that barely speak English and don't know their way around town. " "I have been telling everyone I know that is the future. The drivers spoke English, carried on a reasonable conversation with me and picked me up in a late model clean car. The experience was such a positive one that I have sworn off of cabs in the future.

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This chance of constitutional reform represents the most compelling argument for a Yes vote, and the chance should not be missed. The second main reason why Scots should vote yes is that independence offers the greatest hope of Scotland moderating the currently dominant neo liberal ideas of all the mainstream UK political parties, especially in the realm of privatisation of or application of so called market principles to crucial public goods including the national health service, education at all levels, social welfare, the environment, public transport, and energy. This set of ideas emanated from the rapidly narrowing discipline of economics, which bolstered the Selsdon Man political ideas adopted most vigorously by Mrs Thatchers conservative government, and which successor governments at Westminster failed or mostly did not even try to reverse. Since devolution in 1999, the devolved Scottish parliament and especially the Scottish Nationalist government has shown that even with its very limited devolved power it has the will and ability to resist Westminster led reforms to University fees, NHS, and some aspects social welfare. Like Tom Devine, I believe this reflects the social democratic wishes of the Scottish people as a whole, and it gives me confidence that a future independent Scotland will be able to return to a more social democratic set of political values, so protecting people from the worst excesses and inequalities of the kind of market capitalism promoted by Westminster governments and main UK parties. The third main reason to vote for Independence is that it provides an opportunity to radically improve the global governance system by reducing the power of Westminster governments within it, and providing an alternative Scottish voice on a wide range of international issues through such bodies as the UN, NATO, EU, OECD, WTO and hopefully through Nordic alliances. Of course as a Norwegian resident, I am not allowed to vote in the independence referendum this is a decision I wholly respect, since it is the people who will bear the consequences of the decision good and bad who should vote, and especially the young people of Scotland. I commented on the disappointing at least for 45% of a large electorate, and many of us exiles who could not vote results on 2 Norwegian TV programmes and one radio programme the morning after the vote. Basically, the yes vote for independence increased from about 30% to 45% between the start of the campaign and the vote, which is pretty good going, and which has led to serious discussion of devo max as well as constitutional change in the UK more generally. Not before time!When the two main Westminster parties thanks to the first past the post system of elections realised that the yes campaign was doing very well compared to the no campaign, they started offering devo max to sway voters who wanted more devolution but not independence. All sorts of other dirty tricks were, as might be expected, indulged in by the establishment including spreading unfounded fears about pension rights, currency, taxation, and indeed misinformation from formerly respected historians!One result has been an increase in Scottish National Party membership to 80,000 or more, making it one of the largest parties in the UK when measured by membership!Alas, all is not well in England.

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BBQ and drinks are a must and so is the dominoe table with the music or the UFC / Boxing match on the large screen. 13. Hunting?You will not see this puertorican oh that expalins 12 in some cold temperatures by my own free will in a deer stand at 0500 wating for Bambi to come in while wearing some walmart duck commander attire. However will eat some venison jerky. 14. Team Sports Yes specially baseball or softball. 15. Shopping?Is this a hobby?This should be considered a skill o life and not entertaining. Shopping was a hobby to my mom when she was in the Lerners store back in the day with the ridiculous music. Oh this was a torture. 16.

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8bn in damages. Azima, meanwhile, claims he is being targeted for failing to side with the emirate in a bitter dispute with Khater Massaad, former chief executive of RAKIA, . That dispute is at the heart of a long running attempt by the ruling family of Ras Al Khaimah to prosecute those it sees as responsible for the embezzlement and mismanagement of nearly $1. 5bn that it claims took place during Massaads five year tenure. According to Azimas counterclaim lodged at the High Court, he was approached by Gerrard, who heads up white collar crime at US law firm Dechert and has also represented Airbus in the corruption charges it settled last week. Dechert was investigating the alleged fraud on behalf of RAKIA at the time, and asked Azima to switch sides in the fight against Massaad. In extraordinary scenes on Tuesday, Lord delivered a searing cross examination of Gerrard, in which the solicitor admitted to warning Azima of collateral damage if he did not assist in the pursuit of Massaad. So you were warning Dr Massaad and his associates that they were going to be pursued in relation to gun running if they didnt cooperate with your investigation?Is that right?, Lord asked Gerrard, a former policeman. Think very carefully before you answer that, Mr Gerrard. Gerrard replied: I was warning him that the matters were serious and that he ought to engage, or else the case would widen to gun running, people trafficking and Hezbollah terrorist funding. Azima refused to engage.

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