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Creating and designing accessible content means more than just choosing accessible typography. Even with perfect font families in place on your website, people with low vision, cognitive, language, and learning disabilities may still struggle to process the text. If youre an art director or font fanatic, you might want to sit down for this. Take a few deep breaths. Go to your happy place. Because Im going to explain why fonts are overrated and what actually matters for readability.

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Another major impact for users: the overall cost of the solution and the ease of installation and deployment. The return on investment for the current version is improved by 30%. This year, GRAITEC presented the 2011 RandD AWARDS to 5 members of the RandD department in Romania. The awards were handed by Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO and founder of the GRAITEC Group, at the 2012 Kick Off, in Bucharest. The first 2011 Development Award was received by Bogdan ZAVU Advance Concrete Team Leader and Emil MOGA Advance Concrete Senior Software Engineer, for the new DWG export procedure. The DWG export procedure is a key feature of ADVANCE Concrete, which was fully rewritten, resulting in a major speed improvement. The second 2011 DEVELOPMENT AWARD was received by Cosmin BARBU Advance Design Project Manager and Diana SERBAN Advance Design Senior Software Engineer, for Crack Analysis, taking into account real reinforcement on beams and columns. Until now, Advance Design was dealing with the required reinforcement with regards to Concrete Design. Version 2012 of the software is making a big step forward, as Advance Design is now helping the user to determine the real reinforcement section and performing EC2 crack analysis. The TECHNICAL AWARD FOR BEST DEVELOPMENT was received by Mircea KLEPS Advance Steel Senior Software Engineer, for the Graitec Modeler as part of the Advance Steel Standalone project. The component was first started by Mihai DOBRESCU and continued by Florin SECUIANU and Mircea KLEPS, Mircea being the one whose fingerprint was decisive for the current engine state of the art status.

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In order to best access student software and Internet resources in 2021 students are asked to provide their own laptop device for use in classes and at home. Newcomb Secondary College students will have access to a free of charge software suite of over 50 educational titles including MS Office 2016, Virus Protection and a variety of other subject related apps and software. This software will be installed free of charge and will be updated via our school network when logged on as a student. While at school student devices will access the school network via a wireless connection, requiring a security certificate to be installed by the school. Home network and Internet access is the responsibility of the student and their family. There are several options for families you can purchase your own device making sure it meets the specifications listed below, or use the Learning with Technologies portal link below or you can purchase a 2nd hand device from school. Some cheaper devices have a Hard Drive of less than 70GB and are intended for use with Cloud based storage so are unsuitable as they unable to have school software installedWe hope to continue to be able to assist families with 2nd hand laptops as an affordable option for the BYOD program as we are able to provide them at a very reasonable price. Whilst we cant guarantee the supply or the exact price at this stage in the past they have varied from $50 to $140 we will take orders on a waiting list. Contact the College if you are interested. Further Learning ClassesWe acknowledge it has been an extremely challenging year so far, but we are committed to supporting students to still achieve their learning goals. We are providing Further Learning Classes after school, as there are simply not enough hours in the day to cover all essential learning outcomes!If your young person is somebody who could benefit from additional learning supports, please encourage them to attend these Further Learning Classes.

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html,reference sites, directory of over 2,500 of the mostpopular information reference locations and tools on the web. factmonster. com, factmonster reference desk;analmanac, homework center, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia foryounger students. fpsol. com/gems/webgems. html, web gems, alibrarian's subject guide to web sites which provide significantinformation useful to students and researchers, includingarticles. freeinfosociety. com, free ebooks, articles. englishjet. com/english courses files/resources. htm, find links tothe top english newspapers, dictionaries, e books, examinationsand more.

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