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Self Compassion Leads to Greater ResiliencyPeople with self compassion are more resilient. They roll with the punches. Self compassionate people bounce back more quickly from setbacks because they treat themselves more kindly when they fail or make a mistake. It's easier to bounce back from mistakes because there are fewer and less intense destructive emotions, such as shame and embarrassment, following a mistake. And those negative emotions that do arise are fleeting and temporary. Can We Have Too Much Self Compassion?What's the catch?Is it possible to be overly self compassionate to the point where one might be irresponsible or lazy?How likely is it that a self compassionate person might not own up to their mistakes?Research at Duke University suggests that is not the case.

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Biomimetics is the focus of work being done at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 4. One of the selected publications available on the Web site will be presented at an international conference in July 2003. The paper discusses the use of artificial muscles in intelligent robots. A research group at the California Institute of Technology 5 is studying the capability of DNA and other biomolecules to process information and implement algorithms. A general overview of the group's purpose and motivation is provided, as well as a number of publications. An excellent background of some of the most significant developments in artificial life and intelligence is given in a 56 page paper from Hewlett Packard Laboratories 6. The author discusses many different issues, including neural networks and software agents, and concludes by alluding to future application areas. 7 Discusses efforts to combine characteristics of several different species into one artificial creation to optimally serve the purposes of a mission. Congressional Documents: Browseo browse a current catalog of Congressional Documents available on GPO Access, click on the link for the appropriate Congress. Catalogs are available for the 104th Congress to the present. Links are included with each Congressional document listed in the catalog, which retrieve the text of the corresponding document as an ASCII text or PDF file.

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I you with all my heart and I pray your strength and determination keeps this disease awayTags: awareness, benefits, cancer, health, did you know, health, prevention, recommendations, reliv, research, treatmentWith the constant arrival of quick weight loss diets and regimens, its evident that both Americans and our overseas brothers and sisters are searching for ways to lose a few pounds. Have you ever been so tired that you felt like your head was going to burst?You might have heard that "taking an aspirin a day will keep your heart attacks away". InAre you at risk for heart disease?There are two main types of Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis When it comes to older people, the most common typeWhen it comes to the context of procuring the best precision electronic instrumentation, it becomes pertinent to rely on a chief manufacturer that engages in several tests, measurement modes, and nuclear researches in the process of manufacturing the products. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life. You only get one set of adult teeth. That's why it's so important for you to care for them properly.

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The center expects the majority of those served will be residents from the greater Richmond area. This is the first residential treatment and detox facility to operate here in West County since 2014, said Goia as he kicked off the video presentation, adding that whats exciting about this center is it will allow individuals to be treated in their own communitywhether its helping find a job and getting vocational training, getting medical help, getting links to educational and social supports. All of those are really important to put someone on a path to recovery. The centrally located facility is fully equipped with three floors of updated facilities that include 25 beds, ample office space, TV/group room, laundry rooms, kitchen/dining room, staff lounge, outdoor picnic tables and more. According to Suzanne Tavano, director, Behavioral Health Services, Contra Costa County, there are 10 beds to allow people to detoxify from substance use, and then also the 15 residential beds, which will support them during their continuing recovery. Clients will have access to a full course of care, including residential treatment services, withdrawal management, case management and a cognitive behavioral treatment curriculum. Noting that it took five years of advocacy to make the center a reality in Richmond, Antwon Cloird, district 1 supervisor, AOD Advisory Board, Contra Costa County, said it will give our community a second chance at a first pass. Shawn Jenkins, deputy chief operating officer for WestCare Western Region, echoed Cloirds remarks and shared his organizations excitement upon opening the center. Westcare prides itself in providing services that enable those that we serve the opportunity to not only live a clean and sober life, but one that is independent and meaningful. We are excited about this opportunity to work with Contra Costa County and the City of Richmond, as we weave ourselves into the fabric of a community based provider network that works in support of this amazing community, said Jenkins. With a group of staff members joining her, Gertrude Wilson, program director, WCCA Richmond Health and Welless Center, lifted a large pair of scissors and performed the official ribbon cutting on the new facilities.

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