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N. D. has spent 25 weeks on the Billboard 200 album charts debuting at 1 and bottoming out at 28 last week. One doesnt remain on that list for that long without selling a serious number of records. It would take a very naive individual to believe this to be mere coincidence. If the Recording Academy wants to host a ratings driven celebration of mediocrity and celebrity worship resembling a rerun of the MTV Video Music Awards, with preference given to the top of the top sellers, thats fine.

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Men earn far more than women across the life course at all degree levels: 48 percent more at the high school level, 26 percent more at the associate degree level and 45 percent more among those with a bachelor's degree or more. Table 1 shows the estimated lifetime earnings associated with the 10 most popular degree fields of women and men earning bachelor's degrees at Indiana's public universities, assuming that graduates do not earn an additional advanced degree. Among women, the most popular degree fields are in education, business, arts and humanities, and social sciences, which together account for 57 percent of all bachelor's degrees received by women at these institutions. While arts and humanities and social sciences are also popular fields among men, the most popular field by far is business, which accounts for 22 percent of all male graduates. Most notably, education is only the fifth most popular field for men while engineeringwhich is not even among the top 10 fields for womenranks third. Even though graduates of any field can choose a wide variety of occupations, we see substantial differences in the earnings of these graduates who work full time. Among popular women's fields, graduates of business, communications, nursing and allied health all earn over $1. 3 million while graduates of education and social work earn less than $1 million. Men with engineering degrees earn an estimated $2 million over the course of their careers whereas education majors are expected to earn $1. 3 million. However, the difference in lifetime earnings between men and women cannot be simply attributed to differences in the popularity of certain degree fields since men receive higher earnings in every field.

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If a de novo committee is required, the composition of two members appointed by CUASA and two members appointed by the Provost and a Chair agreed upon by both parties. iv In the case of an appeal of tenure not granted and/or promotion not granted, the TPAC may determine that a deferral of consideration of tenure and/or promotion for up to two years be granted provided the limits described in Article 10. 1avi are respected, notwithstanding any exceptional circumstances. i The report of the TPAC to the President shall be accompanied by a written statement prepared by the Chair presenting the reasons for the determinations. A copy of the report shall be provided to the candidate. Normally the date for the completion of the report will be April 30 for cases involving tenure and May 31 for cases not involving tenure. i Upon receipt of the determination of the TPAC, the President shall accept the determination and inform the candidate within fifteen 15 calendar days of receiving the written report of the TPAC. a In the case of a decision of tenure not granted and/or promotion not granted, the candidate may consult with CUASA on whether or not the Association will grieve the decision. We're following Government guidance to safely welcome you to our campus. Check our information pages for more details. You dont need to be from a privileged background to become a doctor, says Heral Vaghela, a medical student at Edge Hill University who is on a mission to break down the societal barriers to a career in medicine.

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What is left unsaid is that this fits completely with that OECD paper that came out on October 22 that I put up Friday above in the comments. I saw this paper when it came out and with this announcement of Gates and Hewlett money to pilot in places not already pushing, we get local implementation, whatever happens in Congress with the conference combined new ESEA from ECAA and the House version, the Student Success Act. We knew the OECD was pushing this from my book. VanderArks involvement ties this to GEFF and the Silicon Valley forum last April. Again we are back to Global/Local, arent we?Here is the actual State Action Plan. Notice that it was embargoed until noon, Saturday, October 24.

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