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"Miss Potter's experience against Dark magic has possibly made her more vulnerable to such things. She might have been able to detect the Leech in some way, though she didn't know what it was. Still, it led us to discover Quirrel's secret. Now, I alluded to the Leech attacking Professor Quirrel. The term for the attack is possession. "He pointed to the word on the blackboard with his wand and the chalk drew a thick white line under it. Then he started writing numbers: twenty five, fifty, seventy five and one hundred. "There are different kinds of Possession," Dumbledore said, "It all depends on those doing the Possessing. For example, who here is familiar with the Unforgivable Curses?""You'll learn all about the Unforgivable Curses sometime in the future of your education," Dumbledore said. "Perhaps this year with your new Professor. Perhaps not.

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2016, January 13. In Wikipedia. Publication Year, Month Date. Title of presentation. Title of Conference, City, State, Country. Fraenza, C. and Nagle, L. 2015, March 2 4. The use of plickers to increase student achievement and engagement: An informal implementation.

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As I mentioned above, she was used to getting so many samples regularly sent her way that she would just discard it and yes throw it out. Follow that planner on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and try to get a feel for what they might like. Keep up with their stories, sometimes write them a little comment NOT A SMILY emoji please!Try to strike up a real relationship, or neutral friendship, without being too stalky or ikky!You dont want to come across as overbearing , too desperate or come off as too tacky!Create a relationship, and foster it. The after about 3 6 months, send them a meaningful little gift. It could be a set of lotions, perfume or anything you choose. Send that along with your samples. Dont approach a top luxury wedding planner when you specialise in low end of the market stationery. If you create quickly printed, cheap invitations and stationery, then you will want to find the same wedding planners that deal with those types of clients and so for your wedding stationery business you will naturally be a good fit. Similarly, if you deal with higher end stationery or middle end market stationery, find the matching wedding planners and send your items out to them. Look at their instagram and facebook accounts. That should tell you how they position themselves and provide you with enough insight to know who they are likely to attract with their services.

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I mean, who the cared about poetry?Im not saying this is over, not at all, but it feels more hidden, or more dispersed and ephemeral, no one goes out in support of their work for the pure crazy joy of it and if youre and you write a novel or poem well, its marginalized, isnt it?No one gives a shit. Disappeared. It was fantastic that Eileen and Laurie made themselves available like that, in a laboratory setting to a circle of friends and fellow travelers, starting off with a few conversations touching on commonality and what language and meaning meant specifically to say, the New York poets Frank OHara, Ted Berrigan, Alice Notley then we would go over to Philip Whalen, Gertrude Stein or a crazy poem Christopher Smart wrote about his cat, or oh, my god look what Nabokov did here and I found The X Files f/f slash fiction that will blow your mind whose author, by the way, started one of the largest independent and romance genre publishing houses we were off. What happens to you everyday?So the idea of starting a journal just naturally came out of this excitement and feeling of lets take a walk around Times Square before it completely disappears and write about what happens. We did that once and rode up and down the Marriott glass elevators. Did you breathe between now and then, toodle over to the fridge, up Second Avenue?Heres the Poetic Edda. How do you really write about sex. Its so weird isnt it, nearly impossible!We went to Kinkos and laid everything out in Quark jesus, remember that?I still have some floppy discs there was a little place in Massachusetts a lot of the small DIY journals used those guys that would print up your manuscripts for just a little money. But the idea that we could do this ourselves, and get our friends, other poets, to contribute came out of the idea of gathering, collective gatherings. It was a simple leap. You assemble ideas, you people.

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