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D. , professor of pediatric emergency medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. In the summer, we see a much higher incidence of injuries caused by accidents and sports, says Scalzo, who is a SLUCare pediatrician at SSM Cardinal Glennon Childrens Medical Center. These are the six most common summer dangers for kids, according to a SLUCare press release: 1. All Terrain Vehicles: There are two things Scalzo would like to see banned in America ATVs and trampolines. Sure, kids have fun on these but they also cause a lot of preventable, serious injuries, he says. While children can get hurt doing anything from climbing trees to playing on the monkey bars, Scalzo says ATVs are more likely to cause serious, life threatening injuries. ATVs are more dangerous because they are motorized and have a lot of momentum. Its also easy to lose control of them, which can lead to the heavy ATV falling on the driver. If you choose to let your child drive or ride on an ATV, despite the danger, its absolutely necessary to wear a helmet, Scalzo says. 2.

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The fabric used in most canvases are either linen or cotton. In relation to what size of canvas you should paint on, that is really up to personal preference and the purpose of painting. By primed, I mean ready to paint on. Canvas is also much lighter and easier to transport than traditional wood surfaces that was also often used. Other common forms of canvas include canvas pads, as well as canvas rolls. ", Alors nattendez plus, offrez vous votre/vos toile peinture matriaux!If youre an experienced painter who likes to prepare and stretch your own canvas, or if youd like to create very large paintings, then you can get canvas rolls.

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Lottery tickets are an entertainment product, not a necessity, she said. The economy impacts our business as it does other organizations that offer entertainment products. Besides Georgia, Mega Millions is played in Virgnia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington state and California. To date, there have been 92 Mega Millions jackpot winners, with 11 winning tickets sold in Georgia. There were few lines in front of lottery counters in Decatur Tuesday morning. Managers at groceries and gas stations expected things to kick into gear after work Tuesday. One exception: the Shell station at North Decatur and Clairmont roads. Manager Andy Jiwani said he had help with his sales from the nearby restaurants. People are sending their waiters in to buy for them while they eat, said Jiwani, who said he sold about $100 worth of tickets during the breakfast rush. I dont even see their faces and they are buying. In Kennesaw, Jerry Honea, 65, used $10 in scratch off ticket winnings to buy 10 more tickets including six chances at Mega Millions.

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Youre definitely fighting an uphill battle on that one. Crops found in the wild might be a different story but thats a different topic and most will always shop at the supermarket. Another big obstacle to finding nutritious fruits and vegetables at the supermarket is the age factor of the crop. Its important to remember that after the crop is picked from the root, the nutritional profile of that crop begins to decay day after day. The crop youre buying at the supermarket could be a few days or a few weeks old. Some produce, like apples for example, can even be MONTHS old by the time it makes its way to your grocery store's shelves.

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This would allow blind students to hand in assignments in Braille for the professor who knows nothing about Braille to later grade and return. The eventual goal for this would be to have a computer act as the intermediate between professor and student; that is, the computer would translate from print to Braille or vice versa and serve as the interpreter for the blind student and the professor. The Chemistry laboratory also presented several formidable challenges. The first concern of many members of the Chemistry faculty was the safety of blind students and their assistants in the laboratory. Thus, any adaptations made must account for safety and proactively prevent any possible dangerous situations from arising. To this end, it was decided that a sighted laboratory assistant, together with the technological adaptations, would be best for all involved. This situation has been proven beneficial for the blind student as well as the other students and teachers, because the blind student has the opportunity to fully explore the laboratory environment with immediate feedback from the assistant, and can learn interactively along with the other students. As far as the technological aspects of the laboratory equipment, some modifications were made to the actual equipment, allowing for knobs and buttons to be Brailled and so forth, and all of the laboratory materials were made available in Braille. Most of the readings and measurements were taken with the use of the lab assistant, who acted as the blind students "eyes" and "arms" for some of the work such as taking a reading from a dial, mixing chemicals, heating solutions, etc. Some work is currently being done in the VISIONS Lab to convey some laboratory instruments such as spectrophotometers to voice output systems. However, the more promising area of research in the VISIONS Lab has been in the area of virtual instrumentation.

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