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This paper will examine the history and background of Dell omputer orp. It will also discuss how Dell has evolved over the years and where it stands today. Finally, this paper will look at Dell's future strategies in an effort to determine whether or not EthnographyThe 1990's were the bubble years, the dot. com era, or whatever euphemism suits to describe the booming years of Silicon Valley, all Street and Internet businesses. They were years that created millionaires literally overnight. Businesses that began in basements and garages by college kids, suddenly appeared on the trading boards of the Stock Market Exchange. It seemed that anything to do with computers turned to gold. American life became high tech. Suddenly everyone had cell phones, from professionals to soccer moms and teenagers. And personal computers became a fixture in American homes. The Information Superhighway was up and running and Americans were encouraged, not only by advertisers, but even by the government to travel it.

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More than 25,000 pieces of personal protective equipmentPPE have been distributed to shelter residents and staff through a partnershipbetween the city, Rush University Medical System and Project HOPE. The city has also been working with the Lawndale ChristianHealth Center to help ensure that residents have enough space to sociallydistance from one another in shelters. Nearly 100 high risk residents have beenmoved into new areas to help that cause, and more will be placed in shelters inthe days to come. A partnership has also been forged with area YMCA locations in recent weeks, allowing those facilities to provide shelter to homeless individuals to allow social distancing and to provide decompression of shelter populations, according to Lightfoot. The Salvation Army has also joined in that effort, providingnearly 700 shelter spaces for homeless individuals during the pandemic. City of Chicago workers have also provided portablehandwashing stations and bathrooms in homeless encampments throughout the city,and medical teams are also visiting those areas to provide assistance toresidents. Finally, the city is extending its testing capabilities for coronavirus,and will continue to perform tests for shelter workers and residents. As the situation on the ground evolves, so do the needs ofresidents experiencing homelessness, DFSS Commissioner Lisa Morrison Butlersaid. From the start of this situation, the wellbeing of residents in sheltersand encampments has been a top priority at DFSS. We have adjusted strategies tolimit gaps in services and made real time decisions to ensure vulnerablepopulations in Chicago have access to every resource available for them to stayhealthy. When all is said and done, Lightfoot is hopeful that theefforts made to assist homeless populations can be turned into work to helpthose individuals when the pandemic is over.

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Moreover, manufactured by professionals these wire harnesses guarantee far enhanced quality and certified assurance of wiring performance. Custom wire harnesses are becoming increasingly common as requirements of wiring vary in different user environment. The custom made wire harnesses offer more flexibility and versatility in utilizing wiring for a diverse range applications. Today, from automobiles to large machineries to electronics to military equipments, wire harnesses are in use to deliver custom wiring benefits required by them. Finally, when one opts for customized wire harnesses the manufacturers can further add lucrative elements otherwise unavailable with general wiring products. Custom sheaths, jacketing, insulation, laser marks and labels, etc. add value to the wiring installation additionally. In more than one way custom wire harnesses offer additional benefits. Extended guarantee for custom products is also big consideration. There was a time when people used to use floppy disks as storage devices and hard drive was not a popular term at all. However, in a course of few years the sphere of technology has engulfed everything in its way and transformed our lives.

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