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Instead of Sesame, he said, Open, Barley! and the door remained fast. He named several different sorts of grain, all but the right one, and the door still stuck fast. He was so frightened at the danger he was in that he had as much forgotten the word as if he had never heard it. About noon the robbers returned to their cave, and saw Cassims mules roving about with great chests on their backs. This gave them the alarm; they drew their sabers, and went to the door, which opened on their Captains saying, Open, Sesame!Cassim, who had heard the trampling of their horses feet, resolved to sell his life dearly, so when the door opened he leaped out and threw the Captain down. In vain, however, for the robbers with their sabers soon killed him. On entering the cave they saw all the bags laid ready, and could not imagine how anyone had got in without knowing their secret. They cut Cassims body into four quarters, and nailed them up inside the cave, in order to frighten anyone who should venture in, and went away in search of more treasure. As night drew on Cassims wife grew very uneasy, and ran to her brother in law, and told him where her husband had gone. Ali Baba did his best to comfort her, and set out to the forest in search of Cassim. The first thing he saw on entering the cave was his dead brother.

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It is also a waste of my time Assertive communication is based on mutual respect, and is therefore a diplomatic communication style. Being assertive shows that you are aware of the position of others and are willing to work on resolving conflict . It also shows respect for yourself because you are willing to express your own thoughts and feelings in a transparent and constructive way. It avoids a downward spiral into toxicity. Being overly assertiveness can lead to being perceived as aggressive, which is not conducive to healthy relationships. Sadly women who do speak up and out and therefore behave against the age old stereotype of being submissive and collaborative, run the risk of the aggressive label. They find themselves in the double bind of being damned if they do speak out and left behind if they dont. How do you feel about speaking up and out?Do you get it rightCheck out our exciting portfolio of offerings to support your business in upskilling and competence building for your teams, to address the unprecedented challenges that women face in this new totally a digital world. How to Create an Effective USP What is a USP?Our Unique Selling Point or UVP Unique Value Proposition is our key core message about where. How to Rethink the Modern Workplace for Gender Equality New research shows that diversity and inclusion is a top priority for leaders. So why.

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9. "So you can. cast spellswithout a wand?" he asked. "Well,that's what I said. Only a few spells, though and I need toconcentrate on it very intently," she said and lapsed to a shortthoughtful silence. "Here,look," she said and she put her wand down on one of the desks andtook a step away from it, before closing her eyes.

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This is the secret to a great mark. Last week we looked at the benefit of using examples to elucidate your essays points. We know that examples should be interesting, but still relevant to your essay as a whole, and help you to answer the essay question. Now lets look in more detail at how examples provide more relevant details to the reader. When writers dont give the required details, theyre tantalising the reader. Some examples and details can even make things worse like in murder stories; finding out more details can increase the suspense even further. An essay is not supposed to be suspenseful give the reader marker the satisfaction of knowing what youre talking about by giving them an example sooner rather than later. If your argument is itself interesting, then your reader should be interested anyway. For example, would you keep reading an essay that began arguing that crop circles dont prove the existence of aliens because the symbols depict forms that humans expect to come from aliens, which assumes that all intelligent life is like human life?Okay, maybe its just me. AnywayIf the point of examples is to explain your essays points in more detail, you should give examples with enough detail for the marker to understand your argument. This isnt about being verbose.

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htm. Lloyds Construction is a 100 person demolition and carting firm in Eagan, Minnesota. This small, family owned business is not your typical candidate for a firm that exploits cutting edge technology. At the suggestion of the presidents 17 year old daughter, the firm switched to a smartphone system that allows for integrated data entry and communication. This system allowed the firm to reduce its routing and fuel costs by as much as 30 percent. The firm was also able to further reduce accounting and dispatch costs. On an investment of $50,000, the firm estimated that it saved $1 million in 2007. Jonathan Blum, Running an Entire Business from Smartphones: Mobile Software Helps Track Equipment, Accountsand Employee Lunch Breaks, CNNMoney. com, March 12, 2008, accessed October 7, 2011, money. cnn. com/2008/03/11/smbusiness/mobile phone software.

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