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You dont have to take hazards of payingyour staff by cheque or cash, however, on your approval accounting firm inDubai can take full responsibility to pay employees as well as vendors directlythrough banks. This is consistently a great system that helps you avoid loss oftime, mistakes and speed up your business process. TaxPlanning/ Preparation and Advisory Equippedwith top class accounting experts, an accountingfirm in Dubai work out your businesss value addedtax amount VAT and submit return as per schedule. In fact, outsourcedaccounting companies thus help businessentrepreneurs to work more productively and peacefully with no more worry ontheir tax obligations or incorrect tax filing that leads to tax penalties. Aside from this, accounting experts also helptheir clients in effective tax planningby which they can save on taxes lawfully and invest that money in their business. A U.

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Parents as teachers can teach so much as we come from a place of and want what is best for our kids. A childs education begins years before their first day of school, and their moms and dads are their first real instructors, to help make sure their childs development is on pace. It is a family support program designed to empower all parents to give their child the best possible start in life. With parents as teachers, children can learn so much positive behaviour, model themselves on their moms and dads and learn from them in an environment where they will be safe and supported. Parents as teachers have the added advantage of having wisdom and experience on our sides. We want our kids to learn and explore the world around them for themselves, learn to be as independent as possible, contribute positively to society, integrate and have friends and we are the best ones to teach our kids all this. Including kids in everyday activities, involving them in some of the decision making process, teaching them responsibility and consequences will give your child as sense of ownership and belonging and they will greatly benefit from this. Of course this does require that parents as teachers need to approach parenting always from a place of and understanding of their childs needs, strengths and weaknesses and will help and support them in a most positive, empathetic and loving manner. Some of us will find it easier to just be a parent while others will feel more comfortable in the role of teacher and see their greatest challenge seeing themselves being parents as teachers. What ever role you find best suits, always put your childs needs first and you wont go astray. Yesterday I reused one piece of content in three ways.

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Just kidding as much as we joked about being witches last night, it was definitely a spiritual experience. I was surrounded by some of the wisest, most loving and understanding women in my life. Yes, we are all the same age, but they shared things that have made me shake my head in agreement and related to so hard and helped make me feel closer to them, even though I havent hung out with them in that kind of setting in months. We are growing, flowers in bloom, like the ones my friend stole from her front yard. My invited me to the beach for a late night appreciation of women empowerment and support. When we got there, it was almost high tide and we set up site as far away from the waves as possible. We were each asked to bring flowers to decorate, things that made us feel good, and a journal and pen. We set up our candles and essential oils, we laid the flowers out in the sand, and we shared our thoughts and feelings with one another with occasional hand holding and laughter all under the the cloudy sky in the dark of the night. We were celebrating a Strawberry Moon. Junes full moon if the first one after Summer Solstice and falls very close to Saturn Opposition, when the planet is brighter in the sky than usual. Both lend to an energetic potency for the next two weeks The Moon Deck.

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Briefly explain the economic concept of elasticity. List the five key determinants of price elasticity of demand and explain how each determinant indicates whether demand tends to be elastic or inelastic. Explain the concepts of cross price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand. What do positive and negative values indicate for each of these demand elasticities?Use examples to explain your answer. Q2. Explain the economic concept of price elasticity of supply. What are the 5 key determines of price elasticity of supply. Use examples to explain your answer. Q3. For each pair of items below, determine which product would have a higher price elasticity of demand in absolute value and which one a lower price elasticity of demand. a.

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