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To authors, that means an untapped readership. To economists, it means "deadweight loss. " To human rights advocates and educators, it is a tragedy. The Developing Nations license is designed to address all three concerns. JURIST PaperchaseURIST is the legal news and research portal at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, the Internet's real time gateway to the latest legal developments and materials worth thinking about. JURIST is the only law school based comprehensive legal news website, using academic criteria to select stories, highlighting expert commentary on emerging legal issues by law professors, and actively run by a law professor and law students. JURIST is entirely non commercial, and is dedicated solely to the advancement of legal awareness and understanding. This will be added to Legal Resources 2004 05 Internet MiniGuide. The Online Speech Bankhe Online Speech Bank by American Rhetoric is an index to and growing database of 5000+ full text, audio and video streaming versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two. There are currently active links in this site area. Links are arranged alphabetically by first name and checked for errors at least once every two weeks.

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Payments of Chairs' retainer fees must be submitted to Finance for processing via the EAP portal in the same way as any other type of payments. Full guidance relating to the EAP portal, including how to gain access and user manuals, is available from the EAP support page. Chairs of Examiners are entitled to receive payment for checking the composition of exam papers set for the examination. This fee is payable in respect of each paper set for the examination, as outlined in the published Schedule of Fees. Like all other type of payments, it must be submitted to Finance for procesing via the EAP portal. Full guidance relating to the EAP portal, including how to gain access and user manuals, is available from the EAP support page. Depending on the type of examination, one of the following payment tasks should be selected to submit payments of this fee in the EAP portal:Note: This fee is not equivalent to the higher rate fee payable for actual setting of written exam papers. If a Chair of Examiners is directly involved in the setting of an exam paper i. e. writing questions or preparing other material for inclusion in the exam paper then the higher rate paper setting fee payable to examiners and assessors should be claimed, by selecting the payment task entitled Paper Set in the EAP Portal. External Examiners are entitled to receive one fixed retainer fee per academic year for carrying out the role of arbiter of standard, as outlined in the published Schedule of Fees.

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And even if there was no long term change to the number of people working from home, work related travel into the city would fall 9. 2 per cent due to the economic shock of the pandemic, the modelling showed. The Allens survey, which was geared towards asking investors and major transport companies which infrastructure stimulus would be most effective during COVID 19, said: Roads and rail tracks wont solve all our problems, especially now. Transport projects dominating the nations infrastructure agenda were dreamt up before the pandemic and will be heavily affected by changes in travel patterns, the law firm warned. Social infrastructure projects would deliver longer lasting employment benefits and could address some of the structural inequalities the pandemic had exacerbated. If youre going to spend this intergenerational money you need the benefits to be very broad, Allens infrastructure lawyer David Donnelly said. Were not saying dont do them, but you could easily see among the ones pencilled in and think, do we really need that?"UniSupers infrastructure investment manager Matt Spence said investors viewed mega tunnelling projects as highly risky and contractors were less inclined to bid for them in the current climate. "Things like renewables and social infrastructure do look a bit more attractive at the moment," Mr Spence said. "That has a bit to do with COVID, that's a new risk we hadn't thought about, but there's already so much risk in construction. And Plenary Group executive Paul Crowe said a more diverse project pipeline that included civil and social projects was key to an effective economic recovery. Sydney University transport professor John Stanley said changes in travel patterns meant mega projects should be reviewed.

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I definitely see the value in the reflection process, but I find with my students it is often very challenging for them. They seem to have the attitude that its done, whats next?Have you found ways to engage young students successfully in reflection?Thanks again,JenReflection is my favorite thing to talk about!Model. Model. Model. Share your thinking with your kids, teach them what it means to be reflective, use the terminology as if its just the norm Oh interesting!lets stop and reflect about this a moment!They learn from you, so when they hear you being reflective even about your own work, theyre learning how to think. How to process think. As youre walking around the room conferencing and checking in, talk about the most interesting thing theyre trying, the most challenging, the stuff thats working, the stuff thats not, the thing theyll try next, the thing thats still confusing, the thing they think others need to understand the mostand make sure kids know ahead of time that you cant wait to stop and do a shout out right in the middle of class about some way cool reflecting that someones doing!Then be sure to reconvene as a group so kids can partner share their most interesting reflectionlisten in for 1 or 2 kids to share out loud with the class. The more you model and make this a norm in your class, the more youll see and hear kids being reflective and self aware. Heres an article that on the surface seems to be geared for older kids, but just like all good practices, can be adjusted with younger kids. Many of the concepts are similar to what I describe above. Hope this helps!Can anyone give me an idea typically how long these Project Based Learning lessons takeone month, 2 months?Im new to this.

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