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At first, we started out with five news sources, but we realized we had compiled too many texts to analyze. From there, we decided to pick three news sources from different regions of the United States giving a better representation of opinions in all of the US. In order to make sure our information was up to date, we decided to analyze articles published from January 2012 and on. Approximately 20 to 60 articles came up for each news source after entering education and occupy movement into the search engine. The New York Times had the most articles written surrounding these two terms. In the end, these choices left us with a thought out corpus ready to be analyzed more closely. One big aspect of power struggle happened between the police and the protesters, with examples of the police arresting hundreds of protesters. Most of the time when journalists would talk about the arrests, they would not mention why a protester was being arrested. Rather, they would state the amount of people who were arrested by police officers. This in itself is taking power away from the protestors and giving it to the police because the journalists are criminalizing the protestors by simply stating that they were arrested and not giving an explanation as to why. With the type of linguistics used, it makes the reader feel as if the protesters who are being arrested are guilty since the text fails to explain why they are being arrested Cameron 124.

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All lockers in the C block locker areas have been relocated to the cubbies end of the college and alongside the B block external walls. Students will be informed this week of their locker relocation but are advised to come prepared to school on October 12 prepared to locate their new locker position. 3. Social Distancing and bubbles We have a large site at the school and have been advised by the Chief Medical Officer for students to not mix unnecessarily during non class times in the yard. 4. Congested spaces With the reduced number of classrooms available due to the building works, students are advised to be conscious of overly crowded spaces such as locker bays, corridors and entry/exit points.

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That said, there are always unexpected upsides and chance encounters when youre away from home. At my reading in Seattle with the fewest people, I met an awesome gal who: a. took me out to dinner b. took me sightseeing all around Seattle in her convertible, and c. let me stay at her house. Hi, Karion!Give a couple readings in your hometown, make them special, and promote them well. Dont do a dozen, or say yes to just anyone that asks you to read people will get sick of hearing about your events and they wont come, because they assume there will always be another. Its great. I dont know if it helps turnout, but at the very least it makes you feel like youre doing something. I have no idea how to get started with that, because a booker called my publisher and asked me to do it and I said Yes to every request, and then more came in, usually starting at 6 in the morning. In general, if you get any sort of opportunity whatsoever, do it.

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Luckily Thomas our Race Doctor could not diagnose anything more serious than deep exhaustion. Nirbhasa walked 64,7 km today. Forty days have passed, and the Frequent Five are still moving. Milan had his best day since Day 2, or before electric cars were invented. For the last five days, Ananda Lahari has walked an average of 72 laps per day none backwards. Nirbhasa, who has severe weakness, still somehow did 40 miles, without thinking about particle physics. Ushika had his best day since Day 1, when his workers at his music shop were cheering him on with violins and cellos worth tens of thousands of Euros in the rain. And Andrea Marcato reached 114. 8 kms/ 71. 33 miles again today, giving him only 271. 13 miles/ 436.

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"Now I do not to mean to suggest," Rabbi Twerski cautioned several times, "that pleasure is either bad or forbidden. Let's be clear on that. " And, as with so many of life's innumerable pedagogic moments, the question arises: "Why not?"Why must we strive toward self improvement?Why is it not acceptable to be a couch hugging, potato chip munching vacuum cleaner?my characterization, not Rabbi Twerski's though I don't know he would be so averse to its use. Because, as it happens, we have work that needs to be done not only as Jews but simply as human beings. It just makes sense, does it not, that a Jew cannot be a good Jew if he is a lousy human being. We remember G d, Who created us on the sixth day, setting us apart and, in so doing, sanctified the human being. By leaving us the task of self completion and equipping us with intellect, the capacity for speech and spirituality, we come eventually to know before Whom we stand. Had G d completed us, even with respect to "brit milah" covenant of we would have been left with no obligations to this world of which we are but its short term visitors and caretakers. Very possibly, we might all have become couch hugging potato chip munching vacuum cleaners, a tragic waste of human potential, totally bereft of initiative, direction or goals. I noticed that Rabbi Twerski did not use a lot of "religious speak" last night. We all need a good old fashioned "talkin to" every now and then.

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